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To help artists, your team could be involved in various activities and initiatives. Here are some possible ways your team could support artists: Online Platform or Marketplace: Your team could create an online platform or marketplace that allows artists to showcase and sell their artwork. This platform could provide artists with a space to display their creations, interact with potential buyers, and facilitate the sale and delivery of artwork. Artist Promotion and Marketing: Your team could focus on promoting and marketing artists and their artwork. This could involve creating digital marketing campaigns, utilizing social media platforms, organizing exhibitions or events, and collaborating with other organizations to increase visibility and reach for the artists. It's important to note that the specific activities your team undertakes would depend on the goals, resources, and focus of your organization or project. The above suggestions provide a starting point for how your team could potentially help artists, but the possibilities are vast and can be tailored to the specific needs of the artists you aim to support.

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Padma Shri Hariharan

Prateek Saxena

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Varish Saxena

Video Editor