Our Mission

We are aiming at the art and artists of India. We are trying to uplift and save the heritage of all art forms in the nation; we are dedicated to the new art forms and provide them with a stage to showcase their talent. We are going places, across India, to find out the artists of all performing arts to be shown to the world.

Vision and Mission

Financial Assistance for Artists:

Helping when there is no one to stand by them. There are plans for financial help for artists, and to be eligible for assistance under the scheme,a person's contribution towards art, music, writing, performing arts,folk art forms, etc. Traditional scholars who have made significant contributions in their fields would also be eligible as writers only for their published works. The personal income of the applicant (including the income of the spouse) must not exceed Rs. 10,000 per month. The applicant should not be less than 55 years of age (this does not apply in the case of dependents). The applicant artist will be getting a pension or aid of at least Rs. 3,000 per month from the concerned department of our NGO, Help Artist India. This aid will be recommended by the mentors and promoters of HAI. The applicant artists should not be getting financial assistance under other schemes of any ministry or any other repertory grant, etc.

Musical Training:

We are looking for talent all around us. and a team is dedicated to the same; we are providing the training to the singers,musicians,or any other art form under the guidance of our legendary artists. who has been an icon and idol for many singers and performers. This training is based on a zero-cost investment by the student.

Stage to perform:

We are also working towards providing a graceful stage to our artists, created by us in appreciation of our mentors, judges, and huge audience who appreciate the art. This surely helps them get their bread and butter for life. Making them famous is another key role we play by making media stories strong ; a strong media story is a must for all our artists, which we take care, also social media is another important part for artist profile building that is taken care of by our dedicated team

Musical Instrument Donation:

Musical Instrument Donation: We understand that there are a huge number of artists who are very talented, creative, and brilliant. But they fail to learn to play any musical instruments because they fail to purchase them. Here we come inaction; they just have to connect with us by any means, whether it be a phone call, email, or our social media platform, and let us know what musical instrument they need. We donated it to them. Performance gets enhanced and melodious with music, and to learn to sing, they need the basic tool.